Craig’s Story

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“Craig” is absolutely an authority in his specialty. He’s written two books, has his articles regularly published in three well-known media outlets and he also blogs for his business.

A couple of months ago, he decided to write on a topic near to his heart that is even more specialized than what he is known for. This new content is directed to a markedly smaller audience and yet one that has a powerful hunger to learn and practice.

He’s had terrific traction from a new series of daily emails, including two unsolicited speaking requests. (In case you’re thinking that’s because he has a huge list, he segregated his writing on the new topic and started from scratch—he still has under 100 subscribers.)

And now, just before the 3rd month of his experiment closes, he’s been approached by a newly launching (funded) portal designed for EXACTLY his ideal audience.

Amazing right? But it isn’t magic.

Yes, he had a great idea at the right time. One that ties to a deep emotional need as well as Craig’s unique brand of genius.

And those are clearly required to see such fast results.

But he also started with a clear strategy and a set of tactics that he followed relentlessly. He’s laser-focused on his audience and sticks ruthlessly to his theme.

Even when presented with numerous temptations to stray (and more than a few outspoken voices poo-poo’ing his idea).

He stayed with it—and now he has the luxury to consider new tactics that weren’t options when he started.

The lesson here is this: you can’t afford to get derailed from your strategy before it has a chance to work for you.

You just might be surprised where it takes yo​u.