Building Respect

  • Category: Positioning

Some specialties can be REALLY tough to break into.

Your specialty might have been around for a long time with a leading oracle or two who tend to own the stage (virtual or real) and seem to suck up all the available air.

Or maybe you’re in a field that heavily weights academic credentials and yours are more practical and experiential.

Can you still build an authority brand that commands respect?

Absolutely—and it starts with playing to your strengths.

Maybe you niche down further or build out a promising piece of real estate.

If your peers are mostly gray-haired eminences, counter that with fresh content from a less hide-bound point of view.

Or maybe your field has yet to put proof around their outcomes—it might be time to shake it up with data and start some new conversations.

Here’s the thing.

You build respect and ultimately authority based on what you contribute to your field—the outcomes you lead for your clients and the thought leadership you practice.

The trick is to position yourself firmly in your personal brand of genius rather than trying to break into a role that doesn’t suit you.

Playing to your strengths will deliver the right people to your message.