Getting Noticed When You’re Surrounded By “Peers”

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When I decided it was time for more community around my real estate investing, I joined an on-line specialty forum.

After plunking down some coin for a “premium” membership, I started reading, watching, listening and connecting with some folks that looked interesting.

Here’s the thing: it was so incredibly easy to pick out the cool kids—the ones who knew what they were doing without carrying around insufferable egos.

They were the generous ones, giving highly tactical pointed advice to forum questions, pointing a newbie in the right direction or gently pointing out holes in a strategy.

And they specialized in something—a city, a type of financing, a particular sort of deal.

So here’s the question: if you were suddenly dropped into a forum side-by-side with all the people who practice in your space—how would you stand out?

Think about your “special sauce”—what’s drawing in your ideal connections?