Being Generous

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Have you noticed the spirit of generosity in some of the email announcements rolling your way lately?

I have to say my jaw almost dropped when my insurance carrier (Blue California) said they’d cover all screening and doctor-recommended testing for COVID-19. That’s comforting to know should I need it and a quite unexpected bonus.

The name-brand stores announcing their closings have each promised to continue pay and benefits for their employees during their roughly two week closures.

I’ve received (free) links to watch the New York Metropolitan Opera, The Cincinnati Zoo live streaming animals (OK, so it’s designed for kids—I still dare you not to enjoy it) and Broadway stars streaming live performances.

All of this lovely generosity has another quite striking effect. We immediately notice those who seem to be acting from a different place.

Which means even more than ever, this is the time for us to lead with generosity and good will.

Stay safe my friend.