Avoiding The Client From Hell

  • Category: Clients

We’ve all had at least one—that client that enjoys turning up the heat.

Tight deadline? He makes it tighter. Big bodacious project? She refuses to invest the resources required.

Or you might encounter the former Walmart buyer who is in a constant battle to win the lowest price on every project.

We’re talking clients who thrive by creating chaos, not those who must lead the way through it (we love those folks).

Avoiding them starts with your spidey sense.

When a preliminary phone call makes the hackles on your neck rise, it’s time to pay attention. By all means, get the skinny on the person/situation, but we all know what happens when we ignore our gut.

Not only is Google your friend, but you may have access to deeper intelligence with the right industry association memberships—use them.

Consistently difficult clients tend to have a rap sheet. While you want to beware of substituting someone else’s judgment for your own, past behavior is an excellent predictor of future behavior.

If you have concerns, one of the best protections for both parties is to address it right up front and talk it out.

If it confirms your first impression, you can walk away in full integrity.

But if not, it might just turn your conversation into a (mutual) learning experience that bonds you tightly from the get-go.

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