Navigating The Pit Of Despair AKA Tax Season with Shannon Weinstein

Do you cringe at the thought of tax season, wondering what ugly surprises lie in store for you? As fractional CFO to growth-minded business owners (and top podcaster) Shannon Weinstein says “You can’t hot glue and duct tape your numbers forever.”

Shannon dives deep into how to set yourself up for a smooth tax season, no matter your business stage:

Why collecting good data is an excellent place to start (and what to do if you’ve been avoiding your numbers).

How one small mid-year ask of your CPA can save you a world of hurt at tax time.

Deciding which parts of your business financial life to handle yourself vs. outsource (hint: If it’s not in your genius zone…)

How to start turning your data into smart decisions that align with where you most want to take your business.

Plus, a bonus guide to the types of financial pros serving expertise businesses and sample interview questions to ensure they’re a fit.



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Shannon is a fractional CFO for growth-minded business owners, a CPA and a teacher at heart. Her real-talk and relatable examples simplify the financial side of business so business owners like you can stop stressing and start scaling. She is the host of the IRS’s least favorite podcast, Keep What You Earn, where she releases daily episodes. She is also a frequent speaker in business mentorship communities and masterminds.​



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