Going solo called your name…

On the good days, it’s pretty darned perfect: no psycho bosses, no begging for raises/bonuses and no employees to worry about.

But on those other days…

You’re hitting your head against the wall, trying (and failing) to transition to a new revenue model.

You struggle to grow past your current plateau and aren’t sure what move to make next.

You flirt with a business pivot, but feel stuck about how best to move forward.

You reject the bro’ hustle model, but can’t quite figure out how to build your ideal balance of revenue, free time and flexibility for this stage of your life.

You wrestle with how to do less while making a bigger impact.

I’ve got some great news for you: being a soloist doesn’t have to be hard!

Instead, you can:

Grow smart—without complicated systems that don’t run themselves

Monetize your expertise to deliver your optimal balance of revenue, time and flexibility

Work consistently—and joyously—from your genius zone

Scale your authority—your impact and influence—with your ideal clients and buyers

Make a lasting impact with the revolution you’re leading

Enter Soloist Women: The Mastermind. A structured eight-month mastermind with an intentionally small group of hand-picked women soloists grappling with—and solving—the same challenges.

Because nothing helps us blow past our current limits like developing, testing and challenging our ideas with the right peers in the right setting.

This is the circle of soloist women you want by your side.

The next group (minimum revenue of $150K) begins February 8th, 2024. Apply now to reserve your spot on the waiting list!


I’ve never been in a room—physical or virtual—with such a high percentage of rock-star women.
—Erica Goode CFO for coaches and consultants
I’ve gained clarity on a major pivot for my soloist business thanks to Rochelle’s Mastermind and the cohort of women I’m surrounded by. Perhaps more importantly, I’ve reignited the spark that has me excited about this work.
—Adrienne Smith, Content Strategy Consultant
Being part of Rochelle's Soloist Women Mastermind has really opened my eyes to the similar challenges we face across different fields, the variety of ways of packaging expertise into services, and the long-term value of podcasting. Rochelle is creative and supportive in providing advice to our entire group, shaping her guidance to fit our individual goals in work and life. She gently nudges me beyond my comfort zone, creating new avenues to share my expertise with my niche.
—Heather D. Couture, Founder & Machine Learning Consultant
The Mastermind made me realize these big changes in my business are possible…you’re not just reading it in a book or watching a video. It’s the experience of doing the work with the group that makes things click into place.
—Katharine L Rowny, PsyD Clinical Health Psychologist
After experiencing my share of group coaching fails, I resolved to never do one again. So when Rochelle told me about her Soloist Women mastermind, my immediate reaction was “no.” My second thought, however, was, if anyone can curate a group of accomplished women to create a productive and supportive mastermind, it would be Rochelle. I was right. I’m very glad that I said yes.
—Erin Austin, Think Beyond IP


Running a solo expertise business (this is not for retail shop/studio owners)

Ready to jump a level—to dramatically increase your earnings by $100,000 (or more) without the complexity of hiring a slew of employees

Looking to build leverage in your business model so you can add value without working so hard

Committed to showing up regularly, doing your work and actively participating by giving and receiving feedback

Determined to build your own version of wealth—your ideal balance between revenue, free time and flexibility

Serious about your business and your mission—you don’t buy into damsel drama, pink ghettos or victim thinking


So much depends on what you come ready to tackle, but here are some outcomes that are well within reason:

$100,000—or more—in new revenue

Reduced work hours without sacrificing revenue

Improved flexibility—where, when, with whom and how you work—so you can enjoy life on your terms

Break-out media recognition as an authority in your niche

Launching a new revenue line: productized services, book, course, membership program, speaking, licensing deals and the like


On a private call, you and I strategize your goals—and plan how to optimize your results

We meet as a group over 8 months, 2X monthly for an hour.

You can book up to three more private one-hour calls with me anytime during our 8 months together

You’ll experience at least one “hot seat” session in the Mastermind

We’ll share a private Slack group to stay connected between meetings and for continual brainstorming and support

Group sessions will be recorded and posted in our private space

My Philosophy

Real—and brave—confidential conversations are essential to move past the blocks keeping us from our next leap. I commit to fostering candid conversations on every call and within slack.

We are only as good as the container allows us to be. This framework of calls and community represents a set of values—including respect, focus, accountability, creativity, curiosity, impact, service and insight—designed to enable you to operate at your highest level.

This isn’t about being perfect—it’s more about being perfectly imperfect. Making big leaps can get messy and it’s important to show up as you are.

Our space will be gimmick-free. There will be no matching necklaces, no cutesy group nicknames and no “million dollar retreats” with chauffeur-driven Bentleys.

Investment: $12,000. $2,000 is due when your membership is approved to hold your place and the balance is payable when your cohort is finalized.