Small World. Big Impact.

We hear it every day—the world is getting smaller. We can fly (or tweet) to the far corners of the planet. We are connected in a way that is unparalleled in history.

Which is why the recent triple disaster in Japan or the uprisings in the Middle East touch us directly. We see it on our TV screens and feel it in the missives coming from those who have been profoundly impacted.

It’s hard to ignore. So this week, let’s not. Instead, let’s really think about it. What if we reframed our thinking for 1 week:

We could turn a whine about our commute into a “thank you” that we have work that allows us to serve others and provide for our families.

Or, perhaps you’re bummed that your recession income has dropped (or that you are working harder than ever). Imagine that you couldn’t work because your country had come to a standstill. What then?

Maybe you’re just tired of dealing with the client from hell. Replace that with an image of your own government attacking you or wondering if radiation will kill you while you sleep. How would you cope?

If you’re feeling blessed, please consider sharing your good fortune by supporting rescue efforts. Here’s a link to the American Red Cross and the International Red Cross (or choose the charity that speaks to you).

May your week be bountiful.

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  • When I saw the tsunami’s devastation, I confess my first thought was whether it would impact the beachside house in Hawaii we had just booked. (It didn’t.)

    I have two clients with family in Japan, and one from the Middle East. When we met, the Japanese woman had not yet heard from her family there. (She has since.)

    We had “count your blessings” moments with all these people.

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