Practicing Kata

Kata [kah-tuh] is Japanese for a pattern of movements practiced in traditional Japanese arts, such as kabuki. But it most often refers to the choreographed movements in the martial arts.

The underlying philosophy of kata: repetition is rewarded with excellence.

Mastery comes from doing it over and over again. Not blindly. But mindfully. With careful preparation. Improvement—even if only in tiny increments—results with each attempt.

Our third trial runs smoother than our second.

Our 25th client gets better value than our 15th.

Our 100th project is a work of art.

Kata: move to mastery.


  • I absolutely agree, and the key, in my opinion, is the taking note of any new information. This is what creates the improvements and the joy of our own journey to mastery one step at a time. I also love the fact that it is my journey and I am competing only with my yesterday self, not with anyone else. Everyone else has their own journey, which takes nothing from me, but can give me inspiration. For too long, I was competing with others, which I understand now is totally irrelevant.

  • Something to be said about careful repetition

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