Overcoming Set Points and Plateaus

Are you hitting a set point or plateau in your authority business—the kind where you just can’t seem to get past a certain revenue number? You might be surprised at how a few tweaks can push you past your sticking point.

Jonathan and I explore pushing through your current limits:

The role of your mindset in breaking through set points and powering past income plateaus.

Deciding when it’s time to change your revenue model to provide your business with greater leverage—and larger earnings potential.

How to think about and reframe limiting beliefs that keep you from making big leaps in your business.

When your past experiences are powering decisions today that don’t serve you or your business growth (and how to re-wire them).


“There’s a certain point where you’ve found all the leverage you’re going to find with this model and you need to find a bigger lever.”—JS

“I’d like to be a best-selling author. But guess what? If I don’t write a book, it’s not going to happen.”—RM

“One of the things that can be the moment of a huge breakthrough for people is the first time they say no to a client.”—JS

“Maybe there’s a voice in your head that says you don’t deserve any better than this. That this is the best you get.”—RM

“Lightning round of three limiting beliefs: I can never call myself an expert if I’m not the world’s greatest; Oh, these are all great ideas, but they won’t work; I can’t stop coding because then I wouldn’t be able to consult.”—JS

“There are all these different experiences that impact how we think about money and therefore what we allow ourselves to achieve in our business.”—RM

“You can go back and find out what your particular contribution was worth to the client and then try and extrapolate into the future. So when you talk to someone who’s similar, you can get better at guesstimating what your contribution might be worth to this kind of a client.”—JS

“Once you’re past the bootstrap stage and your business is truly launched, then there are certain things that are going to move you faster. You have to believe your business is worth investing in them.”—RM

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