When You’re The Obvious Best Choice For A Referral

We have friends coming to town—they’re renting a big house and plan to celebrate some of their birthdays.

And they want to order a cake.

The exact request was: “I’m doing some research on bakeries—do you have any favorites you recommend?”

Now these are good friends who appreciate (and are willing to pay for) great desserts—these are not supermarket cake folk.

I immediately recommended Over The Rainbow. (Great name, right?)

I didn’t have to think about it, I just had to go grab and share their URL.

And that’s exactly how you want your referrals to go.

Whenever someone in your circle hears a key word or two (foodie, celebration, cake), they immediately know you are the best choice.

The only choice for your ideal clients and buyers.

Let that be the goal behind your positioning, how you monetize (no grocery store cake prices!) and ultimately sell yourself.

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