Tribal Power

Real change (and thriving businesses) doesn’t happen because someone at the top says it must. It happens when a tribe of like-minded people decide it’s time.

A powerful tribal movement starts with a real idea that generates some sparks. Selling books on-line. Giving away a pair of shoes for every one you sell. Saving children from drowning. Free speech. Health care for all.

The leader(s) tells a compelling story to the right people and things start to happen.

Need some tribal power? Connect the right people. Consider:

Who loves you? Who believes in you and your idea? Make a list and keep it in front of you every day. Your job is to deepen your connections with these folks. They are already believers—make them an essential part of your tribe.

Who are you stirring up? Let’s face it, if you’re not upsetting someone, your idea isn’t tribe-worthy. Who does your service model, your pricing, your technology, your essence–upset? Build on that—and unite your tribe.

How are you connecting people? A powerful tribal leader is a connector around their central theme. Are you telling people about your idea or truly engaging them with what matters to your community? Big difference.

Just remember, courtesy of Margaret Mead, “A small group of thoughtful people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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