He’s Just Not That Into You

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day (and romantics of all ages), I trolled dating advice sites to find a light-hearted take on searching for clients. Low and behold: “The Rules”.

No comment about Rules 3-9, but the other three caught my attention.

For example, Rule #1: “Be a creature unlike any other.” Caveat: This rule only works when you are fully authentic. Faking it is for amateurs: you are a professional. How powerful is it when a prospective client discovers that you are the exact right combo of smarts, experience, values and working style?

Or, rule #2: “Show up…even when you don’t feel like it.” You never know where that next lead or referral will come from. Who hasn’t had the unexpected conversation in the least likely of places that leads to a referral or work? Several of my clients were random seatmates at roundtables I was tempted to skip.

And then there’s rule #10: “Keep doing the rules, even when things are slow” (or busy). The number one client attraction “rule” is to keep at it. When times are slow and it’s discouraging. When times are busy and you have a million excuses to avoid staying on your plan. Remember, consistency builds trust.

Rules 1, 2 and 10. Work ’em. Being consistently (authentically) distinct and persistently working your plan wins you big..

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2 Responses to He’s Just Not That Into You

  1. Love #10 – it is easy to get off-course when times are busy! Thanks also for the smile- I didn’t realize “The Rules” were still around!!

  2. Thanks Lisa! My jaw dropped when I found “The Rules” had morphed into a busy website/dating coaching service. Looks like they updated the ideas a tad 🙂

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