Have You Tried To Write A Book But Never Made It To The Finish Line?

I can relate.

It’s ironic really since I’ve midwifed over two dozen books with clients over the last decade alone.

But somehow I’ve always gotten stuck, well before I had more than a couple of chapters written.

I had some epic excuses: this can’t possibly pay for itself, we moved houses (I used that one twice), I just got this crazy new client project…

But the bottom line was all about mindset. I couldn’t seem to push myself through the Resistance.

Well that’s about to change. And I’m sharing this in case you are fighting the same battle.

What’s changed?

I stumbled upon Published by Chandler Bolt.

Most of the book frankly wasn’t new to me (see midwifing comment above) but there were three key things I plucked out as essential for me to commit to:

Developing a detailed mind map converted to an outline. I’ve always done outlines, but never to this extent. And a mind map speaks to my highly active right brain.

30 days of daily writing for 60-90 minutes with NO EDITING. This is the real game changer because the editor in my head constantly wants to rewrite and rethink till it’s—yep, you got it—perfect. Perfection is the enemy.

Converting the outline—which has chapters and detailed bullet points—into a day by day plan. 10 chapters in 30 days? That means a chapter every 3 days. I’ll immediately know where I am every single day.

And f course I grabbed myself an accountability partner (I’m a coach so that’s kind of a no-brainer) to make sure I stick with it. I even re-read Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art to ready myself to battle Resistance.

None of this is rocket science, which is my point.

The trick in accomplishing anything you dearly want to do but that feels intimidating is to break it into executable steps with partners invested in your success.

And then…Do. The. Damn. Work.

For now, I’ll just leave you with this pic from 2 days ago at the start of my 30-day book writing streak.

Wish me luck!

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