Touching On Taboo Topics (And The Magic Of Yellow Underpants)

How do you talk about a fairly taboo subject—death—to enroll folks in your big idea: making sure your pets are looked after once you’re gone?

You find an adorably cheeky dog, a caring older gent and a pair of yellow underpants. Seriously, give this 60 second commercial a quick watch (I’ll wait).

See what I mean? They found a way to talk about death that is sweetly funny and uplifting while still driving home the point that it’s inevitable and we best prepare now.

What if say estate lawyers channeled a bit of THAT in their brand-building?

Here’s my point: if The Dogs Trust can find a way to talk about death in an engaging way, there’s no reason why you can’t do the same about ___________(insert your big idea of choice).

Not saying it’s easy, but isn’t it worth a little exploration to find an emotional bridge to reach your ideal people?

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