Have You Got The Right Posse For The New Year?

At the tail end of my home renovation project, I was making a frenzied Home Depot run to meet my new handyman—when I realized I was smiling.

Despite the pressure, I could actually exhale.

Because I finally had EXACTLY the right team to get things done.

All of my team members had been exceptional—except one outlier. Working with that guy had been a bit like watching a slow-motion car wreck. You could see it coming but felt powerless to stop it…

And then my new handyman rode in on his white horse.

He would go on to to finish a critical piece of the project that his predecessor had dive-bombed in spectacular fashion, working all weekend to ensure I met a non-movable deadline.

He completed my dream (home) team.

Naturally, we need dream teams for our businesses too.

So here’s a big question going into a brand spanking New Year: Have you got the right posse in place for where you need to go?

Because whether you are a dedicated soloist or running a firm of people, those you surround yourself with will either open up or close doors firmly.

That means you need clarity on your plans and the courage to add or subtract the right resources quickly, e.g. don’t keep a slow-mo wreck in progress on your team.

Since you’ve got your plans for 2019 freshly laid out, it’s the perfect time to make some key decisions on the team you need going forward.

Who arrives, who leaves and who gets transformed?

This may be the year you hire yourself a truly seasoned assistant—virtual or otherwise—who knows more than you about their craft. (Note: VA’s come in all sorts of incredible packages—from marketing or social media specialists to technology or billing wizards).

Or it’s time you level up in the (fill in the blank) department—PR, marketing, branding, podcasting, web design, etc. It may mean you say good-bye to OK up-to-now help so that you can invest in GREAT help going forward.

You may also have the option to transform your relationship with an existing member of your team to benefit you both. I once did this with an office administrator who fully invested herself in becoming a technology expert (today she leads a full technology team for a global firm).

The key is to always keep the team you’ve assembled for yourself top of mind.

  • Are they the right people for the results you want to achieve?
  • Are their efforts (and ultimately results) aligned with your vision? And if not, is there a way to get them there?
  • Do you need something you’re not getting—and does that mean a new team member or perhaps some changes in roles and duties?

Just remember—your job as a (successful) business owner requires not only a few people skills, but a willingness to dive into the muck that surrounds even happy relationships.

Even if you fancy yourself a soloist.

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  • Made me think throughout. My teams vary by project and clients need and sometimes even involves parts of clients’ teams (which can evolve over time). Often my dream teams include colleagues and sometimes I become part of their teams. All dependent on who leads a given project. Also, important to think of the resources that colleagues can provide. Often we share tips on fees, when and what % to raise them, office operations; you name it.

  • Rochelle

    Working collaboratively like you describe seems to be one of the joys of working independently…

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