Is It Time To Shake Up Your Habits?

Last week I wrote about making sure you’re surrounding yourself with the right posse to fulfill your vision this year.

And yet it’s also critical to look in the mirror—are you consistently, even relentlessly, working to make your plans reality?

You’ve probably built yourself a set of habits that you’ve designed (or fallen into) over time to move you and your business forward.

The question to ask now is this: are your habits still serving you or is it time to shake them up?

If you’d asked me at this time last year, I’d have said my habits were working just fine, thank-you-very-much.

But insert a new home purchase (two hours away), 90 days of renovation and a full household and business move and lots of those habits simply weren’t sustainable.

For example, I adore having a desk and an office—with a door I can shut firmly. Instead, during the reno, I was 100% mobile, working from my laptop, phone and ipad.

I conducted calls parked in my car, on the patio and I even sat for a video interview in the makeshift “studio” I rigged in my temporary kitchen.

Being forced to be highly mobile led to some new discoveries.

Moving around—especially jumping in my car to look for a quiet place to work—stoked my creativity. I not only wrote more, but I listened to more podcasts, watched more videos and connected with more peeps in my space.

Since I never knew for certain who would show up—and when—I had to always be ready for anything. This made me set up a consistent (some would say rigid) morning routine that had me ready for work by the time the sun came through the windows.

Which also meant I tumbled into bed at night and slept like a dream.

I felt MORE productive even as I had less time—how was that possible?

Now that we’re fully moved in, I decided to keep the new habits that fueled me.

Yes, thank goodness my desk and door are back, but I’ve kept the morning routine (and added an exciting new gym to the mix).

I don’t miss having the space covered in drywall dust or workers showing up at all hours.

But you can bet I’m not sitting at my desk all day, convinced that’s what productive looks like.

But hey—don’t just take my word on this. Give our TBOA interview with habits master James Clear a listen where he explains the power of making small changes to your habits.

Shaking up your routine now and then is good for the soul. It might drive you slightly insane, but it might also light the way to the new habits you need right now.

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