Do You Feel What I Feel?

Emotion sells. Marketers since Mad Men know this: people buy based on how you make them feel.

Add social media to the mix and the question becomes: how do I inspire someone to watch my video or read my take on an issue AND pass it on to someone else?

Turns out it’s easier than you might think. According to researcher Jonah Berger, author of this Wall Street Journal article, the key is triggering the most arousing emotions, such as awe, fear, even anger. “We don’t want to share facts—we want to share feelings”.

Because when we’re aroused, we’re much more likely to pass on information. It’s tribal. It’s what makes videos go viral and books fly out the door. And, it leads clients to your doorstep.

So before you hit “send”, ask yourself: am I making them feel what I feel?

p.s. I’ll be off marrying the man of my dreams next week. See you on the 31st!


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