Discover Your People

Ever felt like you were walking in a wind tunnel when you’re talking with a potential client?

He’s all about the cost and isn’t up for exploring the awesomeness that collaboration with you can create. She is more focused on namedropping and buzzwords than getting a workable solution.

You try valiantly to connect, but you know it’s gonna fizzle. And if you’re being totally candid, you want it to die, because you know the best you can do with wind tunnel folk will be ho-hum.

They are not your people.

Your people crave your brand of pure magic. They seek it out, they recognize it, they appreciate it and they pay for it.

Your best work—of the high-flying, world-changing, awe-inspiring variety—will always be with your people.

Here are a few clues to recognize them when they come into your orbit:

They send an inquiry email (or maybe a voicemail) and it just sparks something within you. It’s witty or warm or intriguing. They resonate—you want to know more.

When you speak with your people, you’re in your genius zone. You’re at your best, focused, connected, brilliantly in service. There is no place you’d rather be at that moment.

When you meet, something magical happens. You start to share ideas and—poof!—alchemy. You may even have a physical reaction—the little hairs on your neck stand up or you get goosebumps.

It’s the feeling you get when you’re jamming with these folks that makes them your people.

Make seeking them out a part of your job, of your daily life. Surround yourself with them as clients, advisors, alliance partners and, of course, friends.

It will change your work AND your life.

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11 Responses to Discover Your People

  1. Ed Rosenbaum says:

    So tell us more about the dog? What breed, etc.?

  2. K.C. Victor says:

    “When you speak with your people, you’re in your genius zone. ” Or at least very smart.

    When that happens in my line of work (teaching rainmaking to service professionals), I sometimes find it difficult to know when to turn on the meter. When the relationship feels like love, I sometimes need to remind myself that it is also business. It happens, and I do stop myself. But that is my catch, and wanted to put that difficulty out there. I am sure I am not alone with that one.

  3. Renee Miller says:

    Brilliant, Rochelle. Just brilliant.
    Thank you.

  4. Natalie VonRaven says:

    So true! I really needed to hear this today, thanks =)

  5. peter getoff says:

    Rochelle-when are you going to write your book? Maybe you are already writing it. Maybe you have written it.
    You have so much wisdom to share with the world…and people will benefit. I know I do.

    Thank you for this one. It’s right on.

    Peter Getoff

  6. Love it Peter 🙂 Working on a digital version–think multi-media…

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