Books + Authority: How To Get It Right

I get asked all the time how to decide if investing the time and energy to write a big idea book is the right next step.

This piece sums up my thinking (yes, it’s six years old now, but the advice is timeless).

But sometimes it’s easier to look at a real live example.

Take “The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters” by Priya Parker.

It’s one of the best big idea books I’ve read—in terms of developing and solidifying their brand of authority—by someone who is also actively consulting and growing a business.

In fact, if you’re even just toying with writing your own big idea book, it’s worth grabbing a copy for some insights.

Here are a few things she absolutely nails that you can too:

Tying her origin story (why you’re here now) to the theme of the book. She also uses it to hook you right at the beginning and circles back to it at several points.

Weaving stories into the principle planks of her point of view. We remember the stories long after we forget the core advice.

Going beyond her client base for stories and data. This added richness to her material that transcends her client base yet stays firmly anchored to her expertise. (She apparently conducted over 100 interviews).

Sharing a touching level of vulnerability. Priya models what she teaches which means she lets the reader see her in some vulnerable moments. (This will not make you less of an authority, just a more approachable one.)

But even if you’re not ready to tackle a book, these are all practices you can use now to share your wisdom with your audience…

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