Email Challenge 2021

One of the questions Jonathan and I hear over and over again: How do I grow my email list?

Since that’s never a one-and-done thing, we decided to not only tackle the question in this episode, but also set up a 2021 challenge.

If growing your email list is top of mind for the coming year, give this episode a listen and start prioritizing your moves. We cover:

Getting started with an email list—how to write, what to write, where to write (and how to know when you’re ready to begin).

Growing your list and deciding what moves to make if your list growth stagnates.

The power of collaborating—appearing on other podcasts for example—to grow your audience.

How to use launches—both free and paid—to grow your list.

Top strategies and tactics to reliably grow your list—from using lead magnets to live digital events (and how to avoid the social media trap).


“Email has got the best combination of features for someone who’s trying to grow an audience and be perceived as an authority.”—JS

“People for the most part are thoughtful and kind and sometimes they’ll give you an atta boy or atta girl just when you need it. And other times they’ll give you a perspective you just hadn’t thought of.”—RM

“There are two factors (about sharing other platforms): the size of their audience and their compatibility—how open they are to your particular message.”—JS

“When you have a good editor (of a media site) they’re protecting the voice of the outlet. But make no mistake—you’re working for them for free.”—RM

“The structure of a webinar—and the expectation when you sign up for a webinar—is that you’re gonna be giving your email address.”—JS

“When you do these kinds of free challenges—whether they’re audio, video, writing, with or without a Slack channel—they will increase your email subscribers.”—RM

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