How To Make Fewer Decisions While Ramping Up Their Quality

We make decisions every day—from what to wear for that zoom call to how to price ourselves to whether it’s time to write a book.

The challenge is that each decision—even the seemingly simple—costs us in terms of cognitive load (try planning a multi-leg flight where you want to optimize the likelihood you’ll actually make the connections).

As soloists, we tend to assume we have to decide all the things, but what if that’s a lie? (Hint: it is).

Instead, the operative question when faced with gnarly decisions is: who can help me do this?

Ask it when you’re making decisions around things well outside your genius zone.

And ask it when you’re evaluating something you’re good or even excellent at because this is also about getting results that are better than what you could get alone. (Which is why we don’t design our own websites, do our own taxes or give ourselves legal advice.)

Case in point: I’m launching a new podcast and my first question was: who can help me do this?

I asked a few of the wise folks in my circle and then gave google a shot (lots of DIY solutions I’d need to cobble together—more decisions, no thank you!).

And then I remembered a podcast expert I’d met awhile back and checked in with her—surprise, surprise, she had a solution that includes the audio help I wanted plus a few bells and whistles to get episodes published.

Problem solved: my cognitive load went waaaaaay down and my excitement for doing the parts of podcasting I love went off the charts.

Deciding all the things is vastly over-rated.

So next time you’re stuck or overwhelmed with a decision you need to make, just keep asking: who can help me do this?

And once you find them, don’t waste another second dithering—engage them and get cracking…

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