Why You Need A More Powerful Consulting Brand

If you don’t have enough sweet-spot clients (plus plenty waiting in the wings) paying you the kind of top-end fees that ALSO allow you some precious downtime, your consulting brand (and maybe your business model) needs some work.

Maybe you’ve got a nucleus of great clients, but not a steady stream coming up behind them.

Or perhaps you have plenty of clients, but you struggle to get paid what you’re worth and feel like you’re on a hamster wheel with no ability to jump off.

Either of those scenarios means your consulting brand isn’t firing the engine to power your business model.

And we’re not talking about commissioning a new logo or a website makeover. Your consulting brand is much more than a set of visuals.

Building a powerful consulting brand means knowing EXACTLY who you are, your most valued work in the marketplace AND your sweet-spot clients and niche.

It means positioning yourself and your business with the right compelling messages and big idea.

And it means aligning every single aspect of your brand with your business.

If you haven’t been able to crack this code yet, it may be because it’s notoriously difficult to do for yourself in a vacuum.

But when you enlist the right help, you can break out of that endless circular debate you’ve been having with yourself and make immediate forward progress.

Because once you start asking the right questions and getting creative with narrowing your message and your audience, you’re almost there.

You’ll start digging further into a niche that thrills you and begin micro-targeting your best clients.

You’ll recognize your best bets on platforms (and alliance partners) that crave your message and you’ll start picking up new clients and buyers at the prices you know your work deserves.

Clarity changes everything.

And the more powerful your consulting brand (and the business you build to support it), the more time you can devote to your real love—doing the work that transforms the lives of your best clients.

You don’t have the time to keep spinning wheels, constantly trying new strategies or tactics du jour, hoping something will stick.

If 2019 is the year you’re ready to break out and up-size your revenue and your impact, I’ve got you covered.

In February, I’ll be reopening my ConsultantBrand course—with a new platform including a Slack-like (but better) channel shared with other consultants tackling the same challenge.

If you’re not already a subscriber, just head on up to that orange bar to sign up by January 31st and lock in the 25% early bird savings that is available only to those on my list (which means you’ll pay $995 for the course or $500 more for 90 minutes of private coaching).

Let’s make 2019 your year…

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