Who Has Earned The Right To Enter Your Headspace?

In this Brené Brown Netflix special (and a few other on-camera appearances), she describes some of the truly vicious comments that flooded in after her TED talk.

Her eventual solution was to refuse to listen to critiques by anyone who hadn’t dared greatly enough to climb into the arena.

It’s actually a damned fine litmus test.

Who has earned the right for their critique to enter your headspace?

The frequent speaker who gives you some notes on your platform skills? Ears wide open.

The idea maven who has a new twist on your big idea? Come sit by me.

The newbie who has questions about how your point of view ties to her situation? Tell me more…

The snarkasaurus who says your ideas don’t hold water? Call me after you’ve put your own ideas out for discussion and maybe we’ll talk (but only if you lose the snark).

Being selective about which criticism you decide to address as you build your authority is critical.

Because truly constructive feedback from the right people is a gift, even when it doesn’t feel so great in the moment.

It makes us think harder—it makes us better. It helps us hone our craft and serve our audience.

But anything less doesn’t deserve a spot in your headspace.

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