Will You Finish 2019 Strong?

  • Category: Running Your Business

Can you believe we’re almost 11 ½ months through the year?

Sure, there are still a few yards left in your 100-day sprint to kick some butt, but time is dwindling down.

Ask yourself: What else can I do in the next few weeks to hurl myself over the goal line?

It’s the perfect time to get very tactical.

I have clients calling or sending magic emails to every prospect left in limbo this year.

Others are putting the finishing touches on new products, new services or new pipeline sources. And that includes book outlines and audience development.

A few simply put their heads down to complete client projects (they’ve done their strategic work over the summer) because this last quarter is their crunch time and they want to start the new year with a clean slate.

In my own case, I’m updating my website and setting up services so they’re ready to go January 1. The clock ticking in my head is the perfect motivator as 2019 gets ready to swirl down the drain…

The bottom line is this: plot out the rest of your year now to ensure you finish strong.