When Your Competition Is Perfection

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How many times have you sweated out a client proposal or hitting “publish” on a thought piece?

Not because you didn’t know what to do, but because you were trying to outthink your competition.

In your zeal to win, you focus on your competition—who are they, what’s their promised transformation, how are they positioning their authority?

You may obsess about your pitch or your content, seizing on spots where you feel vulnerable. You may even downplay your strengths as you seek to counter the opposition.

But what if the competition—the real competition—is perfection?

Not perfection as in my stuff is never good enough to release, but perfection as in how can I come as close to my ideal as possible?

Like the pole vaulter who is all about perfecting his form so he can vault higher each time. Or the designer with an inner vision that she wants to bring to life, finding the perfect balance of form, function and price.

Reaching for perfection—even while we know it’s unattainable—is what makes for greatness.

You get to decide where to set the bar. So why not ignore the competition and set yourself up for the real win?

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