Using Power To Build Your Authority

  • Category: Authority MindsetPodcast

As a consultant, you may not make key decisions (that’s where your client holds power), but you can influence outcomes in many other ways.

Jonathan and I cover the forms of power you hold as a consultant—and how to use them for good.

Why the power of your expertise—arguably the key skill of a consultant—pales in comparison to the “softer” powers you’ll need to make sure your advice sticks.

How to think about the types of power you hold as a consultant.

Using your power to move client projects forward while building your business.

When the power-forward, speed-based mode of consulting is more efficient—but less effective.

Figuring out which person(s) on your project is the skeptic—and engaging them in the process so you win them over.

The role of generosity and charisma in building relationship power.

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