When “Normal” Looks Like A Distant Dream

  • Category: Running Your Business

We’re kind of at the point right now, where “normal” looks like a distant dream (you might be feeling like this music teacher).

You’re well into whatever adjustments and new thinking you’ve had to make because of the current situation, but probably can’t quite see how it’s all going to work for you.

Welcome to the club.

None of us can see exactly where this winds up for us, our clients and those we love. We just know it will be different.

And we’re all a little (OK, a lot) impatient to get our work moving in the right direction.

When your “normal” feels way out on the horizon, the key is to focus on what you can control. To keep doing the next right thing.

Luckily, there are a handful of things you can concentrate on right now:

Re-evaluate the decisions and assumptions that impact your business. Not to slash and burn in panic, but to thoughtfully consider the right investments now and moving forward.

Consider whether your assumptions about your clients and buyers have changed. Are there new decisions you can make now that will increase your momentum when “normal” reappears?

Be helpful. If your business has taken a nosedive, there may be little you can do to get short-term revenue, but a whole lot you can do to build a smooth runway for the future. Stay visible and helpful throughout this situation, even if you can’t see a way to monetize it yet.

Keep your humanity—not just with your clients, but also with those in your circle who matter to you. When this is over, we will remember who was there for us and who just slithered away. (Bonus: your own mental health gets a lift every time you make human connections.)

Avoid holding on too tightly to the old status quo. Things will be changing, which means it’s wise to assume a beginner’s mind. Listening to those you respect and studying the signs in your niche as they emerge will help you make smart, timely moves.

When I think about the “thrivers” I’ve known in consulting—those who came out of deep adversity resilient and strong—they pretty much mastered these five actions.

They had a mindset—supported by taking action—that got them through to the other side.

This too shall pass. We must be ready for when it does…

p.s. For more on this, check out our TBOA podcast episode on Constructing Your New Normal.