Watch Closely As The “New Normal” Creeps Into Your Space

  • Category: Running Your Business

If you think your space hasn’t really been touched by COVID yet, you might be missing the signs.

Take the beauty salon business.

My stylist/colorist is always studying the latest trends. She routinely attended beauty conventions (travel cost plus admission) and bought $500 in-person courses there so she could see demonstrations of techniques by experts.

Now with COVID, those conventions and live classes ain’t happening. So looking for an alternative, she found a site where for $37 a month she gets access to a permanent collection of demonstration videos with a few new additions every week.

While she was explaining a complicated technique she had learned, she said “I’m never again going to pay $500 for a course.”

She won’t be the only one drawing this conclusion.

Now imagine teaching those courses—most instructors are either seasoned salon owners or celebrity stylists. Your salon is closed. Maybe you can make some income doing outcalls, but it means working quite differently.

Meanwhile, you definitely can’t cover your salon rent without stylist chair rentals. You can’t travel to teach. What choice do you have but to pivot to on-line delivery?

Unfortunately, not every instructor figured that out early on. And now they have to compete with the $37/month option that is up, running and making money.

The first to pivot have the most to win. You don’t want to be the last one standing on a dinosaur business model.

Be brave.

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