Using This Time To Hone Your Specialty

  • Category: Niching

Maybe your business is a little slower right now. Or you’re just feeling a bit of an itch to make yourself even more valuable to your clients and buyers.

Why not use this time to hone your specialty?

Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking:

Order up a handful or two of books on the subject you’re intrigued by (I once worked my way through over 100 books on a single theme).

Binge on a podcast or video series with authors or thinkers you want to learn from.

Buy a course or a membership option that will serve you up some regular portions of new knowledge. Bonus points if there is a community of people open to your questions and ideas.

Teach something you want to learn more deeply. The act of getting ready to teach it to others will force you to look at even long-known material with fresh eyes.

Talk with a few people who are smarter than you and ask them questions about the topic you’re both interested in (you might even turn it into a piece of content).

Start a learning forum on your topic of choice: a podcast, video interview series, perhaps a virtual community.

It might be appealing to look back on this time a year from now, realizing it was a turning point in your quest to build authority.