Transformational Language

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I wrote at length yesterday about why talking about your client transformations is important.

Bottom line: clients don’t care about your process, they care about their outcomes.

So the tighter and more powerfully you can describe your effect on your ideal client, the stronger the gravitational pull between you.

Which boils down to using language that conveys the essence of your work.

Consider using power words (provided they capture the spirit of working with you).

Help is not a power word, nor does it feel transformational. It’s flat and squishy. But you can guide, lead, build, make, teach, construct, launch—and more.

That’s also why you want to use easily recognizable words that also have great “mouthfeel”—that give your ideas texture and build resonance: unforgettable (sorry, I couldn’t resist), invisible, grit, presence, linchpin, vulnerable, resilience.

You want your language to create pictures in your ideal client’s mind of what the “after” looks like.

The stronger that picture becomes, the greater the tug toward reading/watching/listening/hiring you.