The Passion Economy with Adam Davidson

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You may have heard our guest Adam Davidson on NPR (he co-founded their Planet Money podcast), but his—well, passion—is what he calls “The Passion Economy”.

He makes the case—including some mesmerizing stories—that we can create deeply impactful, financially successful businesses from our talents and passions. Or, as he puts it: “I’m going to put me and the wholeness of me into how I make a living. It’s a strong choice. It’s not a trivial choice.”

Why passion alone isn’t enough—we also need rigor and hard work to build a successful Passion Economy business. 

Rethinking your client base as a very tight, intimate group, because fewer passionate clients beat a lot of indifferent ones.

How to get clear on the unique value you bring to your clients—and weave that into your business model (and marketing).

When letting go of non-ideal clients is essential and how it changes the dynamics of your work.

Why pricing should be a dialogue between you and your client vs. a static thing (and why a “shocking” price may be exactly what you need).​

Listen in here.