Publishing Daily…

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Today marks six months since I’ve been publishing daily (minus a week or so of vacation).

That means in half a year, I’ve published what would have taken me three years under my old once a week routine.

Except that it feels like more than just accelerated publishing—it feels like accelerated learning.

Because writing every day is a different kind of pressure and stimulation. I see connections that I didn’t before—and have the dedicated space and time to write about them.

And while not every email is a home run, there are enough base hits with readers to keep me going.

So—have you ever considered publishing daily to your audience? If you’re game to experiment (and want some company and encouragement), my podcast co-host Jonathan Stark  and I are running a publishing challenge.

Five posts (writing, audio or video) in five days. You can learn more about it here , but it ends November 15th.

Meanwhile, I appreciate your coming along for the ride—let me know how I can make the next six months even richer for you.