The Publishing Challenge

The Publishing Challenge

Jonathan and I decided to kick off our second hundred episodes with a publishing challenge.

Why publishing? Because consistently producing content and then actually sharing it is the single most important building block in your authority business.

Join us as we cover habits, discipline, beginner’s mind and how to leverage your work across multiple platforms.

But be sure NOT to miss (we explain this in the opening) how you can not only join the challenge but potentially win a guest slot on the show!


“If you feel like you have writer’s block, double-check that you really have a clear idea of who you’re writing for.” –JS

“I would say, go with where your passion and your heart is, related to your area of expertise.” –RM

“Find pains, find questions, and just answer them.” –JS

“I think the key is to just put it out there and to have the feeling that we all have when you hit that publish button.” –RM


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