Planting Your Flag

  • Category: Niching

The first critical step to building authority is to plant your flag on the mountaintop you most want to claim.

Will that wind up being YOUR mountaintop?

If you do the deep work to identify your very best audience, how to work in your genius zone, the right big idea and point of view—and then engage the right audience, you may well hit the very peak you imagined for yourself.

Or maybe as you pull others into your mission, you discover new pathways you couldn’t see before and you climb a different mountain and plant a new flag.

The key is to start: to plant that first flag and then do the work to really, truly own it. To have your universe visualize that spot with only your face and your voice.

You can move the flag later if it’s not working for you (or you simply outgrow it). But until you’ve actually claimed a slice of territory and put yourself in the public domain with it, you’re not building authority.

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