It’s Not A Life Sentence

  • Category: Running Your Business

I’m always amazed at some of the excuses we use for NOT making changes when, deep down, we know we need to.

“I will turn off my existing client base if I change up my message”, when you can’t get enough work to keep the lights on.

“I’m just too busy to think about that right now”, when you’re writing Facebook posts on your cat or cleaning out your sock drawer.

“I can’t afford to hire (fill in the blank) to do it for me, so I’ll do nothing until the money shows up”, when you are perfectly capable of experimenting on your own.

Do you obsess about taking risk? About changing how you appear to your world: your website, your marketing message, your photos? And so you do…nothing.

But guess what? It’s not a life sentence.

What happens if your big change falls flat? You zig. Or you zag. But you don’t stay the same.

It’s not a life sentence.

Your clients, your readers, your audience need to see you evolve. It’s what proves you can grow with them. Nothing you do will stay the same forever.

It’s not a life sentence—unless you make it one.