Clickbait Is Not Authority (Try This Instead)

  • Category: Authority Mindset

So did you just feel manipulated by that subject line? It kinda made me gag even typing it, but I did want to make a point.

You may take that bait from time to time when surfing for your personal interests, whether your temptation of choice is parental advice, making a cool cocktail or perfecting your swim stroke.

But when you’re looking for deep expertise? Not so much.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to make your content titles boring, like say this typical academic piece: “Functional Genomics of the Endocrine Pancreas: The Pancreas Clone Set and PancChip, New Resources for Diabetes Research”.

It does mean you have to know your audience and dovetail what they want with your brand of authority.

It’s all about finding your authentic voice that also serves as catnip to your ideal audience.

And that is probably not clickbait.

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