Giving Your Positioning Room To Breathe

  • Category: Positioning

I’m working with a client whose new positioning is superb.

Everything he’s touched with it has turned to gold. Referrals, new clients, a booming email list and now an invite to write for a funded new media site targeted exactly at his ideal audience.

What’s way cool is that this has all happened in what feels like a nanosecond—because he hit a nerve and his expertise and style align with it perfectly.

So when he announced that it’s time to expand the target—i.e. reposition his already runaway idea—I had to tell him to pump the breaks.

Because positioning needs room to breathe.

Your audience needs a little space to take in your message and decide how they feel about it. And then engage.

And when you really hit the mark as my client did, the last thing you want to do after niching down is head back up that ladder. Why mix up and dilute the message you’ve just successfully instilled in your ideal audience?

Think of positioning as a strategy—one that you change thoughtfully and carefully over relatively long timeframes.

Versus tactics that you may change up regularly when you want something different.