Getting Clear On Your Non-Negotiables

  • Category: Running Your Business

On a coaching call, the client was evaluating four big picture options he’d identified as he considered a consulting career pivot.

He really could choose any of those options—he had enough relevant credentials and experience and could tell a good story about the “why” of his pivot and the benefit to his audience.

But when I asked him which of his several goals was most important, he did not hesitate: “I want to build a business I can sell some day.”

That was his non-negotiable: he was done selling time for money and wanted to create an asset.

With that clarity, four options became two and a deeper discussion on who he wanted to serve narrowed it to one business model. Now that he had the dimensions of the box, he could color between the lines—knowing that his key decisions would align.

When you’re considering changes in strategy (or outright pivots), hold fast to your non-negotiables.

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