Do You Really Need A Tagline?

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Taglines for experts and authorities are awesome when they pinpoint exactly why you’re the right choice for your ideal audience.

But do you always need one?

In a word: nope.

It always surprises me when consultants choose a random tag-line (usually before positioning themselves in a focused niche). They’ll feel compelled to say things like:

Driving innovative solutions

A leadership development firm

Full service managing and growth consulting firm

What do any of those even mean?

And are they focused on outcomes? Well, perhaps the first if you REALLY stretch it, but outcomes for whom?

It’s far better to work on differentiating your offering than to use an interim tagline that is virtually meaningless.

But if you know your niche and want to start getting specific while you work on clear and compelling positioning, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple:

Websites for consultants

Business coaching for lawyers

Marketing for independent financial advisors

The determining factor in taglines is this: when your ideal client reads it, will they be intrigued to know more?