Defeating Procrastination

  • Category: Authority Mindset

We’ve all got something we want to make happen—that is within our control to change—but that we haven’t quite pulled the trigger on.

Maybe it’s big—like say a book or a new speech—or something more modest, like pitching yourself as a podcast guest or media source.

It eludes us because we procrastinate.

And procrastination doesn’t just mean delay. It’s also substituting actions that feel good—like crossing the inconsequential off your to-do list—for those that truly matter.

Authority arises from consistently taking actions that move the needle. That will propel you—no, catapult you—forward.

What’s one big dream you have for your work right now?

Picture it—in vivid detail. And then think about how you’ll feel when.

When your book is published. When your audience applauds wildly after your keynote. When you change lives forever.

Got it?

Now with that picture firmly in your head and heart, make a decision:

Today I will make an investment in my future.

Today I will stop substituting stuff that’s fast and easy for the stuff that gets me closer to my dream.

Today, I will _____________________(insert what you know in your heart you most need to do).

Repeat daily.

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