Praise Is Not The Goal—But It Deserves To Be Honored

  • Category: Clients


If you’re like most of us, you get it in small doses. Your work delivers an “aha” to a client. A reader gains a new insight—and says thank you. Or a happy client refers you and a pointed compliment comes your way.

Few of us work for the thanks—we work for the momentum we build in others. Seeing a client do something they never thought they could is our reward. It’s heady stuff.

But sometimes, we do need to collect praise—we need testimonials for our website or a shout-out for our digital marketing.

It can feel unnatural and self-centered and sometimes I’ve gritted my teeth through the asking.

But guess what? Receiving their gift is a bit like hearing your eulogy except you’re in the back of the room, listening in.

You bask in the warm glow that comes from feeling like your work matters to people who are important to you.

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