Are You Creating Evangelists?

  • Category: Tribe Building

The more evangelists you create for your ideas and your work, the faster you’ll build market authority.

Think of it as a lovely form of leverage.

Because literally every day you have the opportunity to inspire a little evangelism in your networks and platforms.

From your content to any interactions across multiple touchpoints.

But when it’s all on-line, it can feel a little squishy to make sure you’re generating the kinds of consistent experiences that turn people into evangelists.

There is a small trick I learned long ago (we used it for client book sales) that is a super-easy way to track how you’re doing.

Make a list.

You probably want two sections—one for the people in your true inner circle—the kind where you can ask each other for almost anything and it shall be done.

And the second for those who appear to be digging into your content—who are (or are becoming) deeply engaged fans.

There is something about the act of separating these from say your contact database or your Twitter followers that allows you to focus more intently on them.

To see the impact you’re having and to stay connected in a way that builds their enthusiasm for your ideas, your “stuff” and you.

Creating a few evangelists may be just what you need to get the word out faster…