A Non-Sales-Y Template To Pitch Content Collaboration

  • Category: Running Your Business

The topic this month in my ConsultantsNation group coaching forum is developing—and publishing—authority content.

One of the members was looking to grow their audience by collaborating with other content creators in their space.

(That might look like pitching yourself to a podcast as a guest interview or perhaps writing content targeted for their niche audience.)

Did I have a template that even a “non-sales-y” person might use comfortably?

Why yes I do 😎

If you’ve ever wondered how to pitch yourself to fellow content creators, here’s an easy way to structure your ask.

Paragraph 1: Make a specific complimentary comment on their content (which means you’ve listened or read or watched enough to be certain you want to share their airspace). Get right to the heart of their point of view, e.g. “ Your focus on helping your audience find work that aligns with their values really resonates. In your “cultural brilliance” episode for example, Sadie’s transition from banker to dance company executive wasn’t just inspiring, it’s a blueprint for career change.”

Paragraph 2: Your pitch. You get one paragraph—and shorter is almost always better—to state your case. The best pitches focus on what the reader gets out of this thing you’re proposing. A new point of view? A smashing case study? An engaged, complementary audience? Add a sentence on why you’re the right person for this and link them to the best evidence on your site.

Paragraph 3: Thank you. Say it in your style, but a pleasant jot of appreciation for considering your request is good form.

The key is to relentlessly focus on being helpful—which means both doing your homework (paragraph 1) and being exceptionally clear on the value you bring (paragraph 2).