Choosing An Unconventional Niche

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In one of my daily authority email missives I listed an unconventional assortment of specialties some experts are using to build their authority business.

Jonathan and I used that as our jumping off point to explore the why’s and how’s of choosing an unconventional niche AND making a business out of it.

Join us as we cover how to choose your specialization, incorporate your passions into your branding, make your message resonate with your tribe and test the market.


“Best practices only get you so far.” –JS

“The easiest way to solve problems is to focus on some aspect of who you’re serving and figure out how your expertise can tackle that problem.” –RM

“It’s like hope is not a strategy—luck is not a strategy either.” –RM

“If you want things to be better, well, better is a change. You have to change something if you want things to be better.” –JS