Sometimes The Glitches Bring You Closer

We all cringe at our typos and those weird zoom faces we didn’t realize we were making until watching the playback.

But sometimes, those glitches are what make us endearingly human.

Take the 2021 Golden Globes (don’t judge me, the hubby is a producer and it’s required watching). Yes it was full of some very amateur technical snafus.

Like when Daniel Kaluuya—the very first award winner—had his acceptance speech accidentally muted (thank goodness they gave him a do over).

But many of the other glitches were the best part of a ponderous show:

Regina King’s dog Cornbread made himself the star of the virtual red carpet as he was slowly getting comfy in his bed while she was modeling her gown.

We laughed hard when Don Cheadle jokingly (?) gave the rambling Jason Sudekis the wrap it up signal.

Jodie Foster’s dog and Mark Ruffalo’s kids photo bombing their acceptance speeches was real and charming.

Those kinds of “glitches” make us human, much more so then standing at a podium in black tie making a canned acceptance speech.

Being purely or even weirdly human—especially on camera where it lives forever—isn’t always comfortable, but it does connect us.

So instead of beating yourself up about glitches next time, how about celebrating them instead?

It just might be what your crowd lovingly remembers about you.

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