Hosting A Purposeful Podcast with Lauren Popish

Podcasting is a proven way to increase your authority, impact and revenue—but how can you produce a podcast that consistently achieves your goals? Lauren Popish, founder of The Wave (podcast editing for women, by women), shows how to clear the obstacles keeping you from starting—or continuing to grow—a purposeful podcast.

Lauren shares her story and some frank advice:

The two questions that you want to answer before recording a single episode (and use as a touchstone as you grow your ‘cast).

How to think about hard costs vs. the value of your time when outsourcing elements of your podcast production.

What to look for when outsourcing your podcast production—and when to choose a solo or an agency.

What to tell yourself if the sound of your own voice is keeping you from podcasting (start at timestamp 43:56 for the best advice I’ve ever heard on this).

Why purposeful podcasting means playing the long game.


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Lauren Popish is the founder of The Wave Podcasting. She started podcasting in 2017 after a public speaking blunder that sparked a speaking fear and almost ended her career. She found podcasting to be a safe place to practice speaking and wanted to share it with other women struggling to tell their stories.

The Wave launched The Wave Editing, the first podcast editing service for women by women in 2021. The Wave Editing pairs female audio engineers with female podcasters so they can grow their shows by outsourcing the tedious tasks that prevent many podcast hosts from building their audience. Since then, The Wave has served hundreds of women through affordable editing services, educational resources, and digital community.



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