Become A Better Communicator In The Age of AI with Jessica Mehring

You’re committed to becoming a better communicator to help your clients more effectively—and to turbocharge your marketing. Has AI complicated or instead simplified standing out with your communications? Consultant, author and writer Jessica Mehring shares the results of her research on the impact of generative AI on communicating strategically:

Why even though she writes professionally, Jessica doesn’t use AI for writing (note how she instead leverages AI in the writing process).

How the two key cons of using generative AI can be overwhelmingly trumped by its advantages.

How empathy, listening and storytelling are intertwined in becoming a more effective communicator.

Why becoming a better storyteller is actually easier in the age of AI.

Specific use cases where AI can help you become a better storyteller (one in particular may well surprise you).



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Jessica Mehring is a strategic consultant for technology companies, a published author, and M.A. in communication (May 2024). Through her graduate academic work, she has closely examined the impact of generative AI on strategic communication, and is exploring how storytelling fosters empathy and can help us connect in a modern context.

When she’s not working to bring more humanity into tech marketing, you can find her researching the intersections of art and science, creativity and data, and communication and innovation.



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