Simply Irresistible

Simply Irrestistible 09 22 2014Some things are simply irresistible.

A sweet puppy. Chocolate. The perfect red wine.

Why not you?

Becoming irresistible is about creating a craving, a real need for YOU. For who you are at your core and what you—and only you—deliver.

But it doesn’t come easily to most of us.

Stepping into the limelight (successfully) requires exquisite clarity on what makes you slam-dunkingly fabulously unique.

Take “Molly”. She had a successful off-line financial practice—a collection of happy clients and a busy team of advisors. And yet, she hungered for more. How could she attract more of the sweet-spot clients she adored by casting her net digitally? When she googled her specialty and found over 242,000 entries, carving out a truly memorable niche felt daunting…

So we started with WHY. What made her so committed to helping her clients lead richly rewarding lives? We uncovered her story and ultimately her vision for creating happy and successful families. We zeroed in on her money story and how she’d helped struggling clients rewrite theirs. We nailed her big idea and her perfect clients.

She used that clarity to rethink everything about how to brand and market herself. Now, she uses money stories to show (vs tell) how she changes lives. Her web inquiries heated up. Her revenue and name recognition are on the rise. She went from a ho-hum social media presence to being named one of the Top 50 social influencers in her field.

You might say she’s irresistible.

And now, unstoppable. Because momentum is a powerful thing.

Clarity will do that for you.

I want you to have the same exquisite clarity that Molly brings to everything she does. I want you to realize the biggest dream you have for yourself and your work.

Until now, the only way I could work with you was one-on-one, but I’ve fixed that at last.

Enter Be Unforgettable: The Digital Kit. A way for you to not only position yourself in your market, but to build an irresistible personal brand.

I’ve field-tested my system over the last eight years with “Molly” and countless entrepreneurs—consultants, coaches, experts, freelancers, speakers, authors, artists and creatives. It’s chock full of lessons, stories, worksheets—even video workshops—to guide you to your personal brand.

In two days—on September 24—I’ll be launching the Kit with a special introductory price good through October 2.

Because now is the perfect time to make yourself irresistibly unforgettable.

More on that Wednesday. Until then, ask yourself: what makes me irresistible to my sweet-spot audience?

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3 Responses to Simply Irresistible

  1. Ed Rosenbaum says:

    Ahhh! If it were only Wednesday. The suspense is enormous.

  2. Corey Bearak says:

    I really welcome a guide to help us further develop. I truly believe we continue to learn throughout life and our work. Thus I look forward to further tuning my work and how I approach it (this includes client development); thus this kit can only help!

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