Show Your Soul

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When was the last time someone suggested you show your soul in business? Your passion, maybe. Your heart, perhaps. But your soul? Not so much.

Let’s use this working definition: “the animating principle; the essential element or part of something”. How much soul are you showing?

Marc, a lawyer, is a patent expert—which, let’s face it—is one of the drier areas of the law. But you wouldn’t know it upon meeting him. He has a joyful, boisterous spirit—whether he’s discussing the merits of smoked fish or the finer points of patent law. Clients like him, remember him AND hire him.

And there’s Kathy. A career consulting maven, she deals with what strikes fear in the hearts of most: big bodacious change. Her unique combination of joie de vivre, empathy and tell-it-like-it-is directness gives clients immediate insight into how she works. And it gets her hired.

Or let’s take another Mark—this one a compensation consultant. Designing compensation plans can be a minefield of conflict, controversy and employee communication challenges. Not for the faint of heart. He has a quick wit and humor that are part of his “animating principle”. Clients are drawn to him.

So, why not show some soul? The result might just surprise you.


  • Rochelle,

    I was referred to you by Fay Feeney and Darya Allen-Attar. I would like to meet with you over lunch or coffee to discuss the posibility of hiring you to mediate/present at an upcoming board retreat for the USC Latino Alumni Association. The retreat is schedule to take place in mid July. Also, I have just launched my consulting firm and I am in the process of interviewing to engage a consulting firm for my firm.

    Alice Cardenas

  • What a terrific referral Alice! I will contact you privately to discuss…

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